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15 May 2009 @ 05:02 am
SPN - Lucifer Rising  

I don't have time to do a whole review, so I'll just say this. Ruby died. Bobby lived. Dean said "I'm sorry" (even if Sam didn't hear it). Sam said "I'm sorry." And the boys are back together! So I'm happy!

Bonus - Castiel went Rogue!

And the angels weren't exactly the "right" side either so both of the boys were being used. What good is paradise on earth if you dodn't care how many people have to die to bring it about?

And, "God has left the building"? LAME way out of that one, Kripke! L-A-M-E! You should have thought of this before you brought demons in, and DEFINITELY before you brought angels in! You HAD to know that you were going to have to deal with God eventually! So, "God has left the building"? WTF does that MEAN anyway? God is dead? God isn't paying attention to earth because Sirius Vega-5 is so much more interesting? God's got Alzheimer's? Help me out here!

It would have been perfect if Sam would have refused to bleed the nurse.

However, I do see some more Sam redemption here.

He still loved Dean, even after what Dean said. He walked away because he wanted Dean to be safe. But he thought he had to sacrifice himself, even his soul, to save the world.

We know Ruby got to him when he was most vulnerable, when he was looking for a way to save Dean from Hell. He was desperate. And neither he nor Bobby could find any options. Then, she and Lillith conspired to make sure Dean went to Hell.

Dean's being tortured, Sam knows that, and knows that it's his fault. He's looking for ways to get Dean out of Hell. He's looked for rituals, he's tried prayer, he's tried to make a deal with the crossroads demon. Nothing is working. He's devastated and depressed.

Then, Ruby comes back. She says she can help him find Lillith, and kill her. Maybe that will break the deal? If not at least it'll be justice or revenge.

She tells him about the powers he has and how to make them stronger. Strong enough to kill Lillith. She tells him that drinking her blood, or any demon blood, will do it. But the demon blood doesn't enhance the powers, Sam can do that himself. What the demon blood does do is addict Sam to Ruby. An addiction stronger than crack, meth or nicotine. Messes with his mind, and he truly believes that everything he is doing is ultimately for the good.

And, now that we know that the angels aren't being commanded by God, I think it's obvious that Sam's exorcising demons with his mind, therefore saving the victim, actually is a good thing. The angels were just trying to drive a wedge between Dean and Sam.

We also now know that Ruby could make Sam hear whatever she wanted him to hear. Did it work visually also? How else did she screw with his mind?

Dean was tortured in Hell for thirty years, and then he got up off of the rack and became a torturer himself, unwittingly breaking the first seal. No one blames him for what he did to those people (except himself) and no one should.

Sam saw Dean die, hundreds of times, in hundreds of ways, right in front of him, and couldn't stop it. He lived without Dean for months before he could track down the trickster and beg for him back. Then he saw the hellhounds rip Dean apart, right in front of his eyes, and couldn't stop it. And he'd been trying for a year to prevent it. He failed, spectacularly. He did everything he could to try to get Dean back. Everything. He tried to switch places, he didn't care anything abot himself anymore. All he could think about was what must be happening to Dean in Hell. It's mental agony.

Is it worse for something to happen to a loved one, or to have the same thing happen to yourself?

It's traumatizing either way. And destructive to the psyche and the mind.

Is physical pain worse than emotional guilt? I don't know what good it did him, but Dean did have the satisfaction that he'd saved Sammy. All Sam had was the unbelivable pain, guilt and self-hatred that he'd failed Dean.

Dean told him not to use his powers. But Sam was convinced that doing so was the only way to save Dean. Once Dean was back, it was the only way to stop the apocalypse, also saving Dean. If it's the only way, he's gotta do it. It's the same thinking that led Dean to make his deal with the crossroads demon.

I'm not saying that I agree with everything that the writers have had Sam do or say this season. I would have certainly changed a few things. But within the reality of the show, I think if you can forgive Dean, you should forgive Sam.

ETA: I've been reading other reviews now and most people seem to think that it was Zachariah, or the angels, who changed Dean's voicemail. I thought it was Ruby, especially when she had that smug little smirk on her face. Also, she WANTED Sam to listen to the voicemail "What are you a 12 year old girl? Just listen to it!"

So who do you think did it, and why do you think it was him/her/them?

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questioning in order to create: baby!penguinstigriswolf on May 15th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
I'm about even on the Zachariah/Ruby screwing with the voicemail thing. I'm pretty sure they were working together.
Dairwendan Mirthmaker: Orli10dairwendan on May 16th, 2009 07:41 am (UTC)
Interesting theory.

I know that Ruby and Zachariah were working toward the same goal, but I don't think Zachariah went as far as to work WITH Ruby, especially after her big rant on how awesome she is and nobody knew her agenda but Lillith.
The Divine Miss L: I hate Rubym_lasha on May 15th, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
I thought Ruby was working with Lilith and she screwed with the voicemail from the smirk on Genevieve's face. However, since Gen is such a bad actress, that could have been her constipated expression not her evil expression and maybe Zach did it. :)
Dairwendan Mirthmakerdairwendan on May 16th, 2009 07:41 am (UTC)
*LOL* I still say Ruby.
khek: spn aimkhek on May 17th, 2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Best answer ever!

But I think it was Ruby, even if no one could depend on her facial expressions for confirmation. She was pushing Sam to listen. I also think she was able to block Sam from hearing Dean (well, mostly) in the convent, so it would be consistant.
Dairwendan Mirthmakerdairwendan on May 17th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
I also think she was able to block Sam from hearing Dean (well, mostly) in the convent, so it would be consistant.

Oh, good point! I agree!