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01 February 2011 @ 02:06 am
Blue Gillespie Competition  
As you may know, Blue Gillespie is competing in Live and Unsigned and has made it to round two.

Their 30 second audition vid is here and they ask for views and comments. All audition vids are about 30 seconds long, as you can see on the Live and Unsigned YouTube channel. So, my humble suggestion is to say something positive about the vid itself, rather than pointing out that the band can be better appreciated in more than 30 seconds. Though I agree with the sentiment, it is really a moot point as I am sure that all of the bands auditioning can be better appreciated in more than 30 seconds. The song they're performing is Sugarglass, the bit near the end.

To save anything left behind
To save something of my mind
Burn the shadow from my sleep
Pray the earth my soul to keep
Then find all that . . .

Also, there are some BG vids recorded by documentarydave in which Gareth gives sort of a tiny interview before each song.

Before Mannish Boy, he speaks about Blue Gillespie's music.

At the beginning of Dead Letter Blues he talks about Newport, and how art tends to evolve from the negatives in urban culture.

He talks about how long he's known the other band members and how they got together at the beginning of the Roadhouse Blues vid.

And then Glory Box is simply the vid itself.

All of the songs were recorded at TJ's in Newport, during the Longest Day gig, in June 2008.
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