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Originally posted by wingsy2002 at INTERIOR PHOTOGRAPHIC
Interior photography in questions and answers or
15 questions, for each of which there is a clear answer.

Elven Stages Of Development
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Okay, this has been bugging me.

Legolas is younger in The Hobbit movies than in the Lord of the Rings movies. Yet he looks different. Legolas' father, King Thranduil, is thinner and more resembles Legolas in the LOTR movies. Of course human actors age and develop from thin boys in their twenties to muscular men in their thirties. But that doesn't mean that we have to ignore what is happening because there is a perfectly good Elven explanation for it, which I just made up today.

Headcanon by A.G.K. Thomas
When Elves are young, they go through a 'buff' period, when they need more muscle mass to have the kind of strength they need for daily tasks, and to keep their body temperatures at a constant regardless of the elements.

As they age, their muscles grow stronger and therefore less mass is needed, until they mature into lithe, graceful creatures of incredible power and endurance.

Elves consider it kind of a 'cute' phase, like when humans go through their adorable 'baby fat' stage of development. Though it may be more akin to human puberty.

Younger Legolas

30075486 - 28_11_2013 - jslegolas

Legolas (1)



Older Legolas





(My apologies btw if someone else has already come up with this. I've been out of touch with the fandom for several years and out of touch on LiveJournal for almost as long!)

Time to play "Where's Gareth?"
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According to BG's facebook page

"Unfortunately we have had to pull out of the next round of Live and Unsigned, due to be held in London on 15 May.

Gareth has got to go to America for a couple of weeks and the trip unfortunately falls over the time of the gig.

Thank you all again for the support you showed us in Cardiff and for making sure that we got as far as the second round. We are very grateful and feel lucky to have such supportive fans."

That's a tough break for the band. But as for Gareth being in America, the my guesses are

- Press for Red Faction: Origins, which would seem to indicate either that his character is a major one, or just that he is likely to draw more people than the actors who do play the major characters.

- Casimir Effect, either a film festival or a screening somewhere in the US.

- Conventions? Don't think any are coming up, but since I can't go, I admit, I don't keep very close track of such things.

- Work (Work in TW? I don't even know if I want that any more? Not that I don't miss Ianto, but the things I've heard about Miracle Day, don't sound very promising, I'm afraid.)

- Jinny Baza just misses his Gaz ;)

Glory Box and Fingered
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Blue Gillespie made it to the next round!

Blue Gillespie - Live and Unsigned

Blue Gillespie News
The Regional Finals took place in Cardiff last month and we've made it through to the next round. Thank you to everyone who came on the day and everyone who voted from afar; you helped us make it through. The offical video of our appearance is available to view on the MUZU.TV website. The act with the most views can win an exclusive, all expenses paid trip to Dublin to make a music video in the MUZU.TV studio. The resulting music video, plus a documentary of the trip, will be a main feature on the MUZU.TV home page. So, please take a look and rewatch as many times as you can!

The next round is the Area Finals and they take place at the Beck Theatre, Hayes on Sunday 15 May. We'll be putting tickets for the Area Final on sale in the next few days. We're also looking into the possibility of holding a gig in the area the evening before; more information will be available soon.

Blue Gillespie Competition
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As you may know, Blue Gillespie is competing in Live and Unsigned and has made it to round two.

Their 30 second audition vid is here and they ask for views and comments. All audition vids are about 30 seconds long, as you can see on the Live and Unsigned YouTube channel. So, my humble suggestion is to say something positive about the vid itself, rather than pointing out that the band can be better appreciated in more than 30 seconds. Though I agree with the sentiment, it is really a moot point as I am sure that all of the bands auditioning can be better appreciated in more than 30 seconds. The song they're performing is Sugarglass, the bit near the end.

To save anything left behind
To save something of my mind
Burn the shadow from my sleep
Pray the earth my soul to keep
Then find all that . . .

Also, there are some BG vids recorded by documentarydave in which Gareth gives sort of a tiny interview before each song.

Before Mannish Boy, he speaks about Blue Gillespie's music.

At the beginning of Dead Letter Blues he talks about Newport, and how art tends to evolve from the negatives in urban culture.

He talks about how long he's known the other band members and how they got together at the beginning of the Roadhouse Blues vid.

And then Glory Box is simply the vid itself.

All of the songs were recorded at TJ's in Newport, during the Longest Day gig, in June 2008.

WTF is Red Faction?
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Okay the press releases have come out and Gareth is currently in Bulgaria Filming a SyFy movie called "RED FACTION:ORIGINS".
Press release and Plot of Red Faction so farCollapse )

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Got any quotes from TV, Movies, ect. concerning snow, in mp3 or wav form?Collapse )

Honor our Veterans
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"From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."
A. Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Support the Troops, End the War.

Jared speaks at University Interscholastic League Academic State Meet
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I first saw this posted by Embla at the Supernatural.tv forum.

Feature speaker, mother shine at Academic State MeetCollapse )

Suggested Guidelines for Conventions
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Uh, Supernatural Fandom?

Hi, could we chat for just a sec?


Here's a topic -

Convention EtiquetteCollapse )


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